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We are the Gem Hodlers News & Marketing Company®, an award-winning full service marketing company that is based in the United States and has been operating since 2019. We own a very popular Official Google News platform that is 100% dedicated to everything crypto. Our platform is heavily trafficked by crypto enthusiasts of all types who are actively on the lookout for new projects to support before they hit the mainstream. Our crew of experts offers highly specialized targeted (direct-to-investor) marketing services, including various advertising, project reviews and articles, press releases, KYC verification, email blasts, dApp reviews, targeted social media promotion, and more... all from one reputable company that is known for representing trustworthy projects. The days of searching for a marketing team that will sufficiently cover the investor market are over! We've got you covered!

Our marketing efforts are mainly focused on our popular news platform where our audience of over 1 million users lives, which is what sets us apart. Our user base is primarily made up of active investors, ranging from market-dominating whales to regular everyday investors. Our users often visit our platform actively looking for opportunities to invest in innovative new projects early on, before they catch major headlines, giving them a prime position to profit in the long term. We carefully tailor our platform's content according to what our audience wants to see. Unlike our competitors, we do not rely heavily on social media or anybody elses audiences to see major success in our marketing. Having that said, the services that our team does offer are an absolute premium compared to any social media marketing or shilling you can do. Our services have all been tested and solidified over the past 3 years, and are preceisely targeted... ultimately leaving our clients with an overwhelmingly surprising impact. We guarantee unmatched results that you will not get with any social media marketing efforts or by hiring "influencers" and "promoters" or even shillers. We have established a long-standing reputation of representing honest, clean, and respectable projects, and not abusing our users attention or time on our platform, which is why our audience continuously shows their loyalty and support to our platform by investing in the clients that we work with.

Our Official Google News platform supports a niche audience of more than 1 million active users, which is where we offer various effective marketing services that include project articles, advertising, and email blasts. We have built our own opt-in email lists, boasting well over 100k subscribers to our weekly newsletters and dedicated project newsletters (usually containing launch/presale information and announcements) which we offer as an add-on service. This gives our entire subscriber base your projects information with exact instructions on how they can get involved. We offer other services as well, assuring your team covers all bases to help you connect with our highly niche audience.

With Gem Hodlers marketing services, we give our clients the immediate benefit of having a high-efficiency marketing budget. We do this by lowering your investor acquisition cost (or CAC) while still increasing your exposure and visibility. In other words, we connect you with those exact same investors that our competitors do, and stimulate the same growth, but for significantly less cost. It's a win-win.

Gem Hodlers News & Marketing Company has been operating with complete transparency and integrity since the day of its inception. Our team combined has over 20 years of marketing experience and more than 1 billion dollars worth of media impressions. (Yes, you read that right.) Our experience in adapting to the indusry is what gives us an edge over our competitors who charge thousands for marketing without guaranteeing any visibility or having any legitimate marketing know-how or expertise whatsoever.

Our platforms audience primarily consists of actively invested crypto enthusiasts looking for the big breaking news in all of crypto, plus developments and events from new and fresh projects across all networks (a good portion follow Ethereum, BSC, Polkadot, & Polygon respectively) to become an early investor with, news about the latest in gaming & NFTs (actual games & NFTs themselves, as well as networks and projects), and upcoming news and trends from the Metaverse. We've also recently had a noticeable increase in the amount of traffic from the respective networks of Solana, Avalanche, Fantom, and Ripple.

We do not cycle or rotate any of our ad spots in any manner like our competitors do. If your team is paying to advertise on our platform, for any length of time, then it is entirely yours, and all users & visiting traffic will see your project's ad for the entire duration.

We take pride in our ability to maintain a very high level of respect with our users, a notion that is unheard of in modern crypto marketing. Therefore we do not shill, do spam promotions, or promote possible scam projects ("rugs") or pump-and-dumps. Our marketing services are available to real projects that we believe our audience would be interested in investing in, which often leads to our client’s projects having much higher valuations with many more long-term investors.

Having all of that said… welcome to the World of Gem Hodlers! HODL STRONG!

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7 days ⇨ $660 7 days ⇨ $440 7 days ⇨ $305
15 days ⇨ $1100 15 days ⇨ $660 15 days ⇨ $575
1 month ⇨ $1760 1 month ⇨ $1320 1 month ⇨ $880
*Main banner & headline sponsor spots excluded. Contact for availability & pricing regarding these spots.


Without promotion ⇨ $245 Without promotion ⇨ $180
With 7 days of promotion ⇨ $375 With 7 days of promotion ⇨ $330
With 15 days of promotion ⇨ $465 With 15 days of promotion ⇨ $415
With 30 days of promotion ⇨ $510 With 30 days of promotion ⇨ $465
Article included free if *1 Month of Advertising* is included in package (from Section A).
Article pricing variations based on advertising runtime(s) from Section A (top).
*Article costs are always separate from advertising costs, unless otherwise stated in contract.



Note: Add-ons are subject to price increase if purchased without a package.
① KYC Service ⇨ $600/person or $1750/team ⇨ (Contact us for openings)
*Pricing includes KYC Badge for individual(s) or team.
② Official Press Releases | Team Interviews
$100 ⇨ Copy not included | $160 ⇨ Copy included
③ Email blasts to our 150k+ paid subscribers ⇨ Starting at $220 per email
Contact us for dedicated blasts, full campaigns, and bulk blasts.
④ Coingecko / Coinmarketcap Listing / Trending Tokens
Contact for service details and pricing.
*Included free in Legend + Madness packsages.
⑤ Social Media Promotions ⇨ Twitter | Facebook | Telegram | Reddit | 4chan
Social media advertising included by request only; not by default | Pricing depends on package
⑥ Published Dapp Review ⇨ $245
*Add-Ons are subject to price increase if purchased without a package.

Note: All clients are reviewed for approval by our team prior to finalizing any agreement. If any preliminary agreement or offer is not confirmed within 24 hours, the requested service slot(s) will be canceled, forfeited, and any collaborative efforts made are no longer considered valid. The slot(s) will be opened for immediate reservations, and any subsequent offers thereafter are subject to price change. Furthermore, no refunds will be granted after an agreement has been confirmed and activated by any means.

Frequently Asked Questions & Policies

Once the client has decided what package or services they want, a preliminary agreement and offer invoice is sent via email and verified for accuracy, then payment is made. Payment must be made in full by the client before any agreement will be activated within our booking system and our team will begin any necessary work (unless otherwise noted in the terms of the preliminary agreement; typically only applies to longer term agreements).
In order to maintain proper documentation for both parties, after any payment is submitted and verified, agreement confirmation and payment receipt will be issued via email to the same email address that the agreement and offer invoice were sent to, along with any further necessary instructions pertaining to that particular agreement.

Payments are accepted in Top-20 cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, USDT, BNB, USDC, BUSD, etc). Other cryptocurrencies and alternative payment methods (such as PayPal) may be acceptable, depending on the agreement.

*Please note that we do not accept all incoming requests for service. We maintain a high level of respect for our users and all projects are reviewed by our board prior to any agreements being made. We reserve the right to decline any requests for service for a variety of reasons, including scam projects (rugpulls or honeypots) and presentation of misinformation in any manner.
No, it is not required to book services in advance. However, a lot of the time, we are not able to offer immediate availability on some services such as advertising spots, as the vast majority of our established clients book their spots ahead of time, and therefore our schedule may be full at the current time. You may get lucky, but we cannot guarantee anything immediately, as we constantly have incoming booking requests and our system runs on a rolling schedule. We suggest that all clients (both current and potential) that if it is possible, to book the preferred dates ahead of time to assure you get the dates/spots you require.

• If you require immediate availability, please contact us as soon as possible and we will let you know what is available.
The required documentation for each individual applying for KYC is a photo ID, proof of residence, a selfie with your photo ID, and a video call with us. We will also need a face photo for your KYC badge.
All approved applicants receive a Gem Hodlers® *KYC Approved* Badge to display and share wherever they deem necessary. The cost for this is included with the application fee.
• For pricing, please see "Add-On Services" section on our packages and pricing guide.
• We accept a limited number of submissions on a weekly basis. For openings, please contact us ASAP.
• If you are are applying for KYC, click here to fill out our KYC Application.
In effort to show appreciation towards our established clients while upholding the prevention of any conflicts of interest occuring, we have enacted our Native Token Acceptance Policy as of 1 January 2021. The policy is based on the total listed price of a client's package or agreement.
For agreements that carry over $4000 in face value, we *may* accept up to 30% of the total value in the project's native token.
For agreements carrying less than $4000 in total value, the sliding scale is as follows...
• $3600 to $3999 = 25%
• $3200 to $3599 = 20%
• $2800 to $3199 = 15%
• $2400 to $2799 = 10%
• $2000 to $2399 = 5%
• Anything under $2000 in total listed value for an agreement, we do not accept native tokens for partial payment.
*Note: this policy is considered and granted strictly on a case-by-case basis and by no means does it apply indefinitely. We reserve the right to decline acceptance of native tokens.
After over a year of private R&D, all advertisement spots have been strategically placed for cost-efficiency within our platform, thus we have very high success rates. All advertising spots have different click rates.
The respective click rates per capita (unique visitor to our platform, specific to IP address) within the life of any advertisement (of at least 14 days) are as follows:
• Home page header banner: about 82%
• Other home page banners: about 67%
• Alternative front page spaces: about 51%
• Article page banners: about 59%
• Alternative article page spaces: about 43%

Our various email campaigns (or blasts) to our 150k+ tiered subscribers (these subscribers pay a fee for the life of their registration to receive our blasts, be it Tier One, Tier Two, or Tier Three) have very high success rates, as we have carefully built and maintained our subscriber base over the course of the life of our platform, and we do not abuse them with unnecessary spam emails. Through this maintenance of good faith with our audience, every email we send out has an average opening rate percentage of over 60% with a click rate pencentage within those that opened of around 50%. .
We have two completely different advertisement systems. So in short, yes.

With GH, if you pay for space, it’s all yours, and every single visitor to our platform will see your advertisement in the assigned spot. This alone gives your advertisement a straight up 50% chance at getting seen and clicked by every single person that visits our platform. This also gives any project that books advertisement space on our platform a much higher success rate, which means little/no money wasted and ultimately equating to a much more efficiently spent marketing budget. However, on sites like Poocoin and Coinzilla, you pay for (what they tell you is) impressions. Their systems are based on a bidding system, meaning every time there is a chance for your ad to get displayed, an internal auction takes place, and typically the customer who has set a highest bid cap for impressions, will get showed. If your bid wins that impression, then the system deducts an slightly excess amount of money from your budget and your ad is displayed in that spot for that one visitor, regardless of whether the visitor looks at your ad or interacted with your ad. We did a case study on Poocoin’s ad rotation system, and our results showed that the average ad on Poocoin’s site gets shown to 1 in 42 visitors, and the click rate among those 1 in 42 was less than 5%, giving the possibility for success in any spot in their rotation an extremely low success rate, leading to a seemingly endless money pit for attempted success within Poocoin’s advertising platform due to the bid system.

In summary, because of guaranteed views, we are able to offer our clients noticeably better results with a much higher ROI.
During initial consultation with us, package suggestions may be made based on the state of your project (private sale phase, presale phase, pre-launch phase, launch phase, post-launch phase, community expansion phase, project scaling phase, etc). After your project’s state is identified, we can then offer to give you our opinion (and strictly our opinion) on what package options would best benefit your project, both short-term and long-term.
The quickest and easiest way to check availability for services and schedule a booking with us is by messaging our booking account via Telegram. ➡ @TheGemHodlers

The other way to schedule a booking with us is by contacting us via email. ➡




Our audience is primarily actively invested crypto enthusiasts looking for the big breaking news in all of crypto, plus developments and events from new and fresh projects across all networks (a good portion follow Ethereum, BSC, Polkadot, & Polygon respectively) to become an early investor with, news about the latest in gaming & NFTs (actual games & NFTs themselves, as well as networks and projects), and upcoming news and trends from the Metaverse. We've also recently had a noticeable increase in the amount of traffic from the respective networks of Solana, Avalanche, Fantom, and Ripple.


Gem Hodlers News & Marketing Co.® (and its subsidiaries) will never sell or share its client information with anyone (including third parties) without prior consent. Gem Hodlers News & Marketing Co.® (and its entities) does not condone the tracking or reporting of any data to outside sources in any form (excluding Google) and prohibits anyone from gaining unauthorized access to the company's data or the data of its users. Gem Hodlers News & Marketing Co. does not accept affiliate marketing revenue as part of agreements or contracts. Gem Hodlers News & Marketing Co. reserves the right to remove any published content from its platform for its own protection and reserves the right to terminate any agreement or contract without refund for reasons including, but not limited to (1) entering an agreement with ill intent or under false pretenses, (2) late payment or non-payment, or (3) any form of misrepresentation of information. The information provided by Gem Hodlers News & Marketing Co. does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice, and you should never treat any of its content as such. Gem Hodlers News & Marketing Co. does not recommend that any cryptocurrency (or any other assets) should be bought, sold, or otherwise held by anyone. It is highly recommended that you always conduct your own due diligence and consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions, and any subsequent financial decisions that are made, are made of your own free will. You agree to not hold Gem Hodlers News & Marketing Co. liable for any loss, taxes, or fees that may be incurred at any time. You also agree that Gem Hodlers News & Marketing Co. is offering information as an opinion. Always make sure that you are remaining in compliance with your local and national laws and regulations before making any financial transactions.

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